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Don't waste your time

This app makes you watch countless ads after every spin/tap you make. Ive had to watch roughly 100 ads for 4 cents on Amazon. This isn't really a game, it's more of a way to pay you pennies for hours of your time to sit there and watch ads. It makes you think you have a chance at winning bigger Amazon gift cards but you'll never win them; you always get the worst possible prize.

Not worth it

This "game" is a serious waste of time. You're just bombarded with the same 30+ second ads over and over again, and it takes way too long to actually earn anything substantial.

Absolutely appalling that this exists!

This is the most boring and worthless game I’ve ever played. Every 5 seconds, literally, there is an ad that lasts 30 to 45 seconds. Yes the prizes are “real” but it takes months to get them. Here’s a tip though, if you want to skip the ads, just close the app and relaunch it. It takes about 3 seconds tops and it’s much faster than actually watching these garbage ads.

Garbage app

This app is total garbage, it’s going to take you months to make over $1, and the games are total crap, same 3 ones over and over again and they’re terrible, plus they usually shaft you by giving you the least amount of coins possible. Plus your assaulted with adds literally every 20 seconds. The only reason this game got any good reviews it because the company probably paid people to. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP

Waste of time

Don’t download this game! It’s a waste of time you need 4000 coins to get 1 cent in Amazon money. There’s too many ads. It’s a ripoff and waste of time.


I downloaded the app and really enjoyed the layout of the slots and wheel board game-like setup. You could see your progress until the next gift card. That lasted a few days. Now when I open the app, it’s small puzzles with no option to be found to exchange your coins for gift cards. Super confused.

False advertising

Yea, it’s free amazon gift cards. No, I did not have to pay a single penny for the game. But, going for the $3 gift card right now and I’m only getting 20-40 coins each game and I need 120,000 for the $3 gift card. The coin winnings slow down significantly after you have spent so much time playing this game to get to the point I’m at. It’s not worth it unless you have a ton of time to put into it.

Cool but heavily rigged

I understand how and why the app works like it does, so the ads do not bug me one bit, but the first two days I was hitting anywhere between 100-400 every time, mostly 200 coins. After about a week of playing, on the spin wheel it’s most noticeable, all I hit is 0 or 50 coins, in theory I have a 30% chance of hitting one or the other, but in fact hit them about 90% of the time, which makes for a SUPER slow progression of earning anything worth while.


This is nothing like the ads. There are several games out there with the same internal game advertising as puzzle games to earn gift cards. Of course you early like .10 cents a day if that, you are forced to watch 30+ ads for that .10 cents and it’s not even fun. There’s no real puzzles just ads on ads and a few slots. It’s also slow, clunky, and unintuitive.

Giving me to small of coins

Whenever I️ play this game I️ seem to never get high tokens. I️ keep on getting 50’s and then when it’s double the awards I️ keep getting 40. This game is honestly rigged. And also when you get the free spin I️ know it’s not possible to get those amazon gift cards.


You really do make money off of it but it has way too many ads

the app is a scam of your time

this app is a "puzzle game" where you play ZERO PUZZLES. it starts a spinner or something, generates a random amount that you supposedly win, plays an ad, rinse and repeat 20 times and then you get nothing. you have to do this process over... and over... and over for *MAYBE* 10 CENTS. I save more time and money sleeping than dealing with this trash.

Lies lies and more lies. Not an actual puzzle game!!

There are no actual puzzles its just another one of those stupid spin for coin games. Im tired of being lied to by false advertising even the description in the apple app store is false. Dont waste your time.


Its not at all a puzzle game.

Knock off of Bubbles Reward

For some reason this app was allowed to pretend it was it own thing but is actually a clone of another app. Though it might pay out over time, the deception of the ads should make it not be allowed on the App Store.


Its advertised as a game to give you gift cards. In reality its just puzzles.

Don’t waste your time

I watched ads for a week straight and won $0.31!!!! Basically just making money off of ads. 30-45 second ads every 10 seconds. If you’ve got absolutely nothing to do except waste time and your phone battery, then this might be for you!


It’s terrible don’t waste your time


DO NOT GET 10/10 would not recommend unless you think there’s something you can buy on amazon for 11 cents, there are no puzzles you spin the slots twice, tap on a fat cat for 5 seconds, and spin a wheel, that’s it, there is nothing else, not to mention your limited to doing all this great fun once a day DO NOT GET, WASTE OF TIME


Played this for 9 days. For about .030 cents totally. It makes you watch about 10 ads before you can spin & you can only do that once a day. You will not win anything on the spin. 9/9 spins landed on coins and not actual money. Complete scam. Should be a 50% chance. Probably more like 1/800

You have trash ads

I hate you

This game is trash...

First of all, they removed the ability to get actual rewards like Amazon gift cards. The game is bombarded with ads and the currency you get has no value in the game.

Games are Rigged

There are several types of games where you press a button and something spins. The spinner always lands on the low numbers or the coins instead of the gift cards.

Waste of time

The app is a complete waste of time, there are so many ads and you go through all of the hassle just to get what, a $0.01 gift card?

Idk really

This app is great and all you get paid for getting coins but as you go up, your rewards get smaller and it takes 4x longer than usual. And the days are so short. I only earn 500 each day and it takes 40000 too get $1 and then you have too wait 2 more days too receive it. Very disappointed


There are no games to “play and win” as advertised. It’s a wheel and a slot machine. This was extremely disappointing and boring.

Nothing like it’s advertised

It has no puzzle games, just a slot and spin wheel game with gives you the least amount of coins. Lots of advertisements but understandable for the “supposed” purpose of this game. It would take you a month to make maybe $5. The games are so brining, just a repeat of the same three games.



5 star reviews are fake

There are no puzzles. There is no game. There are only ads.

Garbage ad riddled trash pile

So, I realized since I saw this game advertised that it would likely be riddled with ads. It was, which I can live with for a free game that’s entertaining. The ad showed puzzles and some ball drop game for amazon gift card money. I don’t even care about that. But the app is slot machine, screen tapping, and wheel spilling your way to the daily points, which is probably not actually random, just made to look it. Since $.10 was 4000 coins, and $.20 is 8000 coins, that means every 400 coins is a penny. Often times you have to watch one or two ads (maybe more since first days are usually to get you enticed), just to earn a penny. On top of that, there are NO puzzles, no bonus games, just wheel spins, bad slots, and tapping a button. Seriously, that’s the game. Lazy company with their lazy app. Most of the advertising is Final Fantasy XV tower defense... 30 seconds of the same ad over and over.

Takes time

It reels you in with the 0.01 cent then the 0.10 cents and then the 0.20 cents after that the prize goes to 40,000 to get a dollar which is ok but the gaining rate goes down I gotten under 200 coins from every game for about a 7 days now. I don’t mind that it takes time but the fact that they have fake 400 coins and 800 coins inside of the wheel also the daily spin gets u 100-300 coins all the Amazon are not real.

Fake Reviews!!

This game is garbage. Some of these reviews are even for the wrong game! They’re taking about puzzles and the option to hire a manager to keep the app earning all the time. Impossible to earn ANYTHING. DON’T waste your time!

Fun but ads have to go.

To many ads. A way to disable ads would be nice. The time between worlds is to long. A nice feature would be an upgrade system that allows us to use the coins for different upgrades like a permanent x2 multiplier for all worlds.

Fake App, Waste of Time

I knew downloading this it’s most likely be a scam and I was completely right. The screenshots in the app store are entirely fake. There are NO puzzles in this app whatsoever, so all of the thousands of reviews are without a doubt fake. The app is a well put together scam to try to get as many people as possible viewing as many advertisements as possible before the app is removed from the App Store.

Absolutely no point

Don’t waist your time

Earn gift cards from watching ads

You watch mostly ads and with a tiny bit of game play. You earn “coins” for watching the ads and playing the games. The pay out is so low and the price of the gift cards so so high. On average you only get 50-250 coins per mini game and they only allow you 7 or 8 roughly per 6 hours. Plus about just as many adds and only 2 or 3 pay out to you about 100 coins. A $1 amazon gift card cost about 40,000 coins. So with the info I gave you so the math and realize it will take you days just to earn a $1 gift card. This app is a waste of time

What happened?

I started using this app a few days ago. I was doing the little games getting tokens and cashed out $0.31 in amazon credit. This morning i was on the second game and exited and closed app to do something. When i opened it back up it was completely different. I had to put square puzzles together to earn tokens and there is no where to get rewarded. What happened? This app was 5 stars when i started, now i think just 1

Fun, and it actually works, but it’s rigged

It’s a really fun way to earn a little extra amazon cash, but as the scores are racked higher and higher, the less chances you have of getting a high number. For example, when trying to earn a $3 amazon gift card, the spinning wheel will always land on 2 20s and a 50, ALWAYS! So it’s really all about patience. You’ll get your money, but it’ll be a while. If there’s anything i’d recommend to the creator, please unrig the game, and give all the wheel spots the same percentage of landing on said spots throughout the entire game, no matter what the next prize is. same goes for the slot machine and the amount in the presents.

It works

This app has way to many adds. Every time you collect your coins it has an ad. The app is fun, however you don’t earn money very fast. It took me 6hours to get 2¢ but the more you play it the faster you level up. I recommend this!


Way different than on the Instagram ads

Where is the Puzzle game?

This is not the puzzle game shown in the description. It’s another one of those spin a wheel (or slot machine or tap a button fast) games and watch an ad in between turns. You do earn amazon gift cards. It just takes a long time to get anything over a dime.


I am not sure what everyone else is talking about with puzzles. I downloaded this game for that but all I am getting slot machines I don’t understand

What even is this game?

I thought there’d be puzzles, as advertised, but there are just slot and wheel game. And they make it basically impossible to earn anything. Total waste of time and space on my phone for an app with games I didn’t want. How did anyone rate this 5 stars?

No puzzles

Why does everyone give this 5 stars? There are no puzzles, you just tap buttons in hopes to get coins for gift cards. It’s easy to get to the first amazon dollar but after that it’s impossible and takes FOREVER. You never hit the daily bonus for gift card points, and I find myself constantly hitting the zero on the stupid games more and more. Unless you’re super super bored and have no life don’t waste your time

Misleading adds

The adds are so misleading saying u can win money when there is no possible way to win money

Credits gone and game changed

I was playing pretty consistently and saving my Amazon credit. After a few days, I wake up to a crappy puzzle game that isn't what I downloaded. There has been no update or anything... so very convenient other people are experiencing the same issue. There's no way to access your money or anything once the game does this to you.

Total bs

It’s fake not even fun and there’s constant advertisements if I could rate it less than one star I would.

WAY too many ads.

It was good yesterday, but today I’ve been getting 30 second ads that I can’t skip every time I do anything. I spin once, video ad. Spin again, another ad. Every single time. No option to turn off the sound either.

No puzzles no cash

Really bad. I’ve made 3 cents over 4 days and it’ll take longer to get that penny every time. No puzzles, just trash rigged slots and wheels. How am I supposed to feel like it’s a game of chance spinning a wheel on my phone. When u finish the daily grind, u spin a wheel where half of the wedges are an amount of amazon cash. From one cent to 10 bucks. You will never land on these, just some “coins” which is never worth the amount of adds that come up. Waste of time, get out while u can

Good game but...

I got a ad for this game and the app was showing a completely different game that you get real money in, if you have an ad promoting your game please show what your game is.

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