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I don’t understand how this was made or why

This app is a waste of time. There are no puzzles, it’s literally just clicking a button to try to get points that are arbitrarily given and completely out of your control. It’s taken me a month to get a dollar, the only reason why am still “playing”, if you can even call it that, is because I want a dollar from these f*ckers. In between every “game” and point earned there is a commercial for another app. I’m still confused why this exists, and I feel bad for the people that spend their time creating this app. I also feel bad for myself for being too stubborn to give up. It’s a bunch of bullsh*t so get out while you still can.

Well I must be playing a different game...

Game is nothing like as advertised. It’s just a series of “slots” and “spin the wheel” where the game obviously calculates what you get. Not to mention it bombards you with advertisements every 20 seconds, it’d be impossible for people’s children to play this game and love it like some of the “5 star reviews” claim. I understand that ads are necessary in order to pay out the gift cards it promises (which let’s be honest, no ones really made more than a couple cents off this), but there’s literally a new advertisement every time you tap the screen. I’d rate this zero stars if I could. Don’t waste your time.


The winnings don’t change they give you same thing every day and it’s getting boring because it seems like you will never get the prize now the winnings are lower not interested anymore going to take all year to get to the next level I never hit 800 before what is the deal It still feel like I’m playing the game forever to get some where the winnings are so low it’s not interesting anymore please fix the bugs in the system it’s the same thing every go round

Mass forged reviews.

Guarantee you the number of people who think tuis is a good app has been paid off to give it 5 stars. Garbage app bringing in tons of ad revenue to the creator.

Too many ads

Ad after every “game”. It is repetitive and after first one or two gift cards which are 11 cents u earn almost no coins to make it take forever to get next card. Games start to get rigged. And the ads are the worst part

Not the same as the ad

The ad I saw for this game was so misleading. It showed a wide variety of games with winning of actual money like gift cards. Very disappointed to say the least.

Description is a Lie

There is no puzzle gameplay. The screenshots are completely fake and different from the game. The gameplay is spin the wheel, slots, and button mashing. You do each three times in that order, and that’s it. Not to mention it plays a 30sec ad after every time you touch the screen. A total scam.


So I got this app on my mom's phone before getting my new phone cause it showed I can get gift cards but when I got it for my new phone it show actual puzzles of money from all around the world. What is this app really for?

Waste of time

This is a waste of your valuable time.

Really boring

There is only like 3 games (boring and repetitive) and you have to collect coins to get gift cards... 0.1$ gift cards. Also, you will waste like 10 min of your day watching the same boring advertising.

Don’t understand

Most of the reviews say it’s fun with puzzles etc. where?? I’ve been playing this for 4 days straight and it’s the same 3 games. Slots, spin the wheel and pet the cat. That’s it. It’s been 4 days and I’ve only earned .30 cents. And you have to watch ads every time you press anything

WAY too many ads.

I love this game because it gives free money by playing games, but MY GOD THE ADS! If you complete one star for a mini game, ad. Do anything at all? Ad. Do nothing, another ad!! Seriously, if there was an in app purchase to remove ads I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Amazing game

I need money 😂😂

False Advertising

Downloaded it after seeing an ad claiming it’s a block stacking game and you earn credits towards gift cards. Didn’t expect much credits, like a $1 a month maybe but this app is not even the same game as advertised and it gives you nothing

Rigged System and Unfair

So there is a wheel you spin and each slice on the wheel is exactly the same, so you should be getting each about the same number of times as the other right? Wrong. Constantly have been getting 0 coins or 20 coins on this “balanced” wheel. If it was really fair I should be getting every amount. Also the other games itself aren’t even good, they “mess” up so you can get less coins. Yes I’ve gotten money from this and it’s real money but this has gotten out of hand

What the heck??

So I’ve been playing the same jigsaw puzzle for two days, with no sign of anything else!!! What is this about? I have close to 40k in points but doesn’t even show me anything else, to how many points is a gift card? I’ve been doing the same puzzle and it gives you 200 points over and over again I don’t get it!

Fake Reviews

Don’t download it, you’re just wasting time


Lured in by videos and "puzzles". There is an ad every single time you click something. The three "games" are Slots, Wheel, and Tap. You spin slots three times, the wheel three times, and smash tap a button for five seconds three times. It took me 15 minutes to complete this because the ads are that bad. Didn't take me long to figure out this is a thinly veiled marketing campaign to get you to watch crappy ads. You're making a few cents to watch 15 minutes worth of ads every day. Its a scam.




This app is misleading. First I want to say that I was going to download the app weeks ago since it was a way to make some money. However, nothing on the app page even says that. I thought it was just a puzzle game. About a week later I saw an ad on another app for this app. Once again misleading. It showed games you could play and trade for Amazon cards. When the link brought me to this app I was confused. After reading reviews I decided to see what this app really was. What I downloaded was a game where I could play 3 casino like game (spin the wheel, slots, and a tapping game) that you play twice a day (which is every 6 hours). The second time was "doubled" games. And there were a few chests. I was skeptical but went ahead with it. They have it where you earn a penny Amazon card quickly. It gave an instant code which did work. I kept playing and quickly earned the next card which was 10 cents. It took me just a couple more days to get the next card and a little over a week for the dollar card. All codes worked. There are several problems with this game though. First the misleading part. Or I should say why two people get different games. I guess this is also a puzzle game but only for some. I asked people to download to see what they got. Of course it was the puzzle one. They tried to get the same as me but never could. Also the ad I saw showed different game that weren't casino games. In the game on the home page there's a little icon for a new game. You watch an ad to get nothing. The games never change. Another issue is some ads. The demo ones crashed the app several times. Or they were way to long. If I wanted to play a demo for 5 mins I'd just go get the game. One time an ad crashed my phone I guess? Either way phone restarted which was odd. The slots game seems to be broken. Got 3 in a row and 200 coins. Yet I get none and 300 coins?! Never played a slot game that gave high coins for nothing. As others mentioned the game pays out less the more you play. Once I started going for dollar I'd get zero coins a lot. The last thing is the payout. You can't change it. If you wanted PayPal instead or an iTunes card, we'll you're out of luck. I don't know if you've got to go through each Amazon card first to get to PayPal. I won't be finding out because this app really isn't worth it. One last thing I want to mention is that after the first code you get, you wait 24 hours to get the next. I know this is a long review, but I'm hoping it will help anyone debating on downloading this app.

Lit and Legit

The gift cards work tho the game isn’t that fun but I can’t really complain because I’m getting paid soooo....


You can’t play one game without an add every two seconds and there long adds that then make u play a demo of the game i get that some games have to have adds but this amount is stupid I’m deleting it for that reason only

Waist of time

More advertisements than games and you don’t make anything. I made ¢2 in like an hour.

Waste of time, no puzzles.

There are no puzzles. Also no money. Probably would take months to get any real amount of money. You could literally spend the time it takes to play this game filling out job applications and make more money in one hour working at Starbucks than months of playing this game every day. Also these reviews are obviously fake, as I don’t think that any person could actually enjoy this game.

Works, but not as advertised

It’s a puzzle game but I was advertised a way to win gift cards with a totally different type of puzzle game. Not at all what I was told I’d get.


EVERYONE PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD!!! This game is false advertising, and the reviews you see are fake talking about puzzle games and flying characters? It’s a way to get you people engaged in wanting to get this app! Why the company would make this game without having real the real puzzles games is beyond me. I wish I could upload a screenshot of them telling me this app doesn’t have puzzle games. I’m going to make a video later on, and come back with an update and show you guys. Also I do want to mention you only get money through amazon not pay pal, and it takes forever!! It gets harder too and the numbers increase from cashing it out to amazon

The app is great

I might change the rating. I have a question so a friend told me to download the game so I did and I read the rating people are talking about a lot of different games that I haven’t played and I have over 3000 coins???? The main thing is that People have different games then me and I only have the puzzle game. Please reply and let me know anything about this THANK YOU All my coins got erased and I don’t know how the game works I am confused people have the different game then me and I thought I had to certain amount of coins to move on but nooooo. I can’t even redeem my coins that people are talking about please help the app is confusing to me. People have different games then me and I want to play these games to.


When I started playing this game I imagined there would be puzzles that would eventually get difficult in order to win amazon gift cards. BUT THERES NO PUZZLE GAME!! It’s just slot machines that almost always lands on low numbers such as “20” or none at all! You have to get a certain amount of coins to win a gift card and they make the goals over 200k??? I’d have to be playing for months just to win a $5 gift card??? I would not complain if the game was something I can actually play and not just tap then get an ad after every spin. I would rather have the puzzle!! PLEASE ADD SOME REAL GAMES!!


I love the game and the gift cards. I just wish the ads wouldn’t play after each turn. Why not fix it where they only play after each level?


It’s one game one day that gets you money next a cheap puzzle?!?

Cheap garbage app

I would’ve rated zero state had I could’ve, this is just another one of those Chinese apps that pay you nothing and advertise after every time your finger touches your screen. On top of that there was not one single puzzle to complete nor was there anything like it. They also can bout spell, obviously the app was rushed out quickly because the game it full of spelling errors, and non working functions. If I could include a picture in this review I would, but this app was terrible, just another knockoff, with a fake video on Facebook, that take you to an app with fake screenshots and a fake title. Do not download.

Free gift card

You get to play games to get coins and the coins you redeem for gift cards but it takes a while and you get ads. You start with 0.01, 0.1, 0.2, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 than 0.01 each amount you need more coins to get to it but once you get that amount of coins you redeem it and the codes work. If you like this you should try icy fly, coin fish, make it and bubble rewards they are the same thing but different ne not what the description says but the gift cards add up. They only Amazon so be in mind of that. Have fun getting free gift cards. They free to download and you save tons of money if you in the higher rewards. There should be a gold chest random amount between 1000-10000 it gives 2088 and blue should be 550-5000 it adds 1088.


For some reason when downloaded some people get an entirely different game, that was the case for me, the game for me is just the eight boring president puzzles and no way to redeem any gift cards, from reading the comments here I can tell some people got a totally different game...puzzled.

Kind of a scam

The game starts out were you seem to get good rewards but as time goes on you get less and less rewards. You will need to watch hundreds or thousands of hours of ads just to get a gift cards as the amounts go up. Eventually it will no longer be worth the time.

Terrible App

This app is deceiving. None of the top positive reviews seem to talk about this app as the features they describe are not in this app. There are absolutely no puzzles. It is purely add watching for reward coins. App averages to 5 hours of add per one dollar. You cell bill and phone wear and tear alone is worth more. For 20c per hour the time better spent with friends and family than on this app.

False Advertising

There aren’t any puzzles or anything at all. All you do is play a spin the Wheel game, a Slots Game, and this game where you tap on this cat as many times as you can in 5 seconds. It’s not worth your time


Why the h*** do I even get coins. What’s the point?

Does not make any sense

My cousin and I both downloaded this app but we both got two different games. (We both have the iPhone 7 but I have the 7+) she has a slots game where she can earn amazing gift cards. I have puzzles that I don’t earn gift cards at all. We aren’t sure why each game is so drastically different. We checked to make sure I had the same version installed as she did. I even updated my phone. Yet I still have the very low basic game. Does any one else have this problem?? I just want to play to win the gift cards

Bait and switch

This game gives you a good amount of coins in the beginning but slows it down after you reach $1

Very Fun!

This game is a very fun and good game to play when your bored. I would definitely play it if I were you!


These are just slots, no puzzles like some reviews have stated

Worst app in the App Store

This app will steal your credit card information and you will never win a giftcard daily bonus. I would've loved to buy my parents a Christmas gift, but this app is why I lost my savings. Hopefully I can buy my parents something next year!

Terribly boring and rigged game.

You do the same thing every everyday, the coin system is rigged, you have to watch ads in order to get said coins, the ads glitch occasionally and force you to quit and restart (usually when it’s a high amount). You have a chance at winning an amazon gift card ($0.1 - $10) you will NEVER HIT THE GIFT CARDS, I played for an entire month just to see if I would win and I never did. Once you hit a month of playing, your tokens you get daily from boxes decreases drastically (500 to 200 / 1000 to 400). You have to rack up 120,000 coins just to get a $3 gift card and I can only imagine what $5, $10, $25 and so on would require. I highly recommended you go else where, don’t waste your time like I did. The game is rigged, you hardly win and it’s the same process daily.

Beware of scammers

Cool game Update: Beware of scammers Now it is changes it. Loooooooooooow coins Moreeeeeeeeee ads Now I know why, they live in China. Kind of like IRS Scammers. Bunch of Scammers. Stay away

Longer ads, reduced rewards

Used to get around 5000 coins per “day” in this, now they’ve rigged it so that it’s about one-fifth of that. Every spin is the lowest possible reward now that I’m headed towards that $5 gift card. My speculation is that they’re trying to make you quit once you get your few dollars/cents compensation because they’ve already made their money off of you watching so many ads. My advice is if you’ve got time to waste for months on end for a measly couple of bucks, go for it. If not, don’t bother. Would have been worth it if the bonuses and rewards stayed the same.

Became Disappointed

~*~WILL CHANGE REVIEW IF ISSUES GET FIXED~*~ *MAKE IT* is a pretty awesome game with GREAT Potential!!! However it would be a LOT Better IF: •Once you get to about Day 20 you get the “-1,001 My God Error!” A LOT !!! At least 1 to 3 times each day played. •At Least 1 in every 2 to 3 turns gets a ZERO “oops-try again” token score. •Once you get to about Day 25 the tokens you gain drop drastically. When you would normally get 100 to 200 tokens you only gain 20 to 40 tokens. PLUS The red present/prize box dropped from 500 tokens to 200 tokens & the gold present/prize box dropped from 1,000 tokens to 400 tokens yet you have to get a (_|_) load MORE tokens to gain you winnings. It almost defeats the purpose. I play continuously just about and I have been working towards the $3 Amazon Card for OVER A WEEK !!! ~*~WILL CHANGE REVIEW IF ISSUES GET FIXED~*

The Truth

This game is not puzzles at all. It three games played over and over to win coins. The only thing is that it’s rigged to give you the lowest amount of coins possible the more you play. I’ve got 100 coins on the spin game 7 times in a row. Plus each spin you do lands on the middle every time so it’s not randomized at all. Yes you do get real gift cards but after you get the 20¢ gift and move up to the $1 one the amount of coins you have to get is astronomical. It goes from 8,000 coins (which you can get around 1,500 coins every 5 hours) to 40,000! The only reason I’m giving this review three stars is because I got some change to add to amazon account and I’m a broke college student trying to pay for books.

Not worth it.

It’s very easy to make it up to the $3 gift card. You can do it in just a couple weeks. But once you get your $3 gift card the game starts to pay out WAY less than before. It goes from 1,000 coin prize at the end to a 200 coin prize at the end of each play. And from 200-400 coins down to 20-40 counts each game. Not really worth it since it would take 6 months just to get $5 at this point.

Has potential but screws you over

Most of these reviews are fake, but I did download the game. You watch ads and get coins. So many coins gets you amazon gift cards. You can play every 4-5 hours. That’s when the “next day” is. You’re not really playing anything you’re just pressing slots to make an ad appear. I made $4 and some change off of it, but now that the gift card amounts are going up, they’ve DRASTICALLY dropped the amount of coins I get per ad, so it’s no longer worth it. I got the $4 and change within like a week and half but now that they’ve dropped the rates of coins it would take me over a month to get to the next gift card of $5 and I don’t want to know how long it would take me to get the rest. So I’ll be uninstalling.

Trash, waist of time, don’t even bother

At the beginning of this app it gives you a good amount of coins to save up for gift cards, but as you progress through the in game days, it eventually starts giving you the least amount of coins possible within the mini game, sometimes it will even give you nothing, and then you have to watch a 30 sec add for barely anything, it will take nearly two months to be your $5 gift card. They pull you into this game by at first giving you abundance amounts of coins and then rip you off a bit further into the game. I loved it at first but trust me it’s a complete waist of time because they lower the amount of coins gained to nearly nothing later in the game. Don’t bother!

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